K Machine

K Machine, a mini generative audiovisual sequencer on IOS

K Machine is the first release of a new concept of audiovisual generative sampler, designed to transform your Iphone, Ipad or Ipod into a unique multimodal instrument.User controls the animation using simple gestures:


– Simple swipe up or swipe down movements allow to quickly switch between ‘sequences panel’ and ‘samples panel’ mode.
– Simple tap allow you to select sequences or samples (25 available on this release)
– Double tap will produce a random mutation event, instantly modifying both visuals and sounds parameters, generating infinite synchronous geometric patterns and sounds combinations.


– Use the screenshot tool to hunt for new unique visual patterns that you can share with yours friends or use as wallpaper.
– Shake your device to mutate all 4 sequences on the fly.


K Machine is the first release of the ‘Kolargon Generative Engine’, and with new visual kernels, sounds samples libraries, and new controls other parameters that will regularly be release, it aims to offer a very new experience to generative arts lovers.

Available on App Store:


Product page:
Facebook:          https://www.facebook.com/kolargon
Twitter:               https://twitter.com/Kolargon_
Details about this application— Mutation consists of :
1) Randomly change pitch of active sample on ‘Track 1’.
Values are randomly selected inside a pentatonic minor scale (11 possible values, in semitones: -12,-9,-7,-5,-2,0,3,5,7,10,12).2) Randomly change parameters of a ‘Resonant LowPass’ filter applied on the global sound output :
– Frequency parameter: between 100 Hz and 10000 Hz
– Resonance parameter: between 0.0 and 1.0
3) Randomly change 15 parameters of a custom Visual glsl shader(Note that user do not have any fine control on the mutation.)— Panels :
K Machine consists of 2 panels:
1) Sequences panel :
Animation is made of 4 sequences.
Possible actions in this panel are:
– Load Samples panel by swipe up gesture.
– Start/Stop animation reading by swipe right (or left) gesture.
– Mutation by double tap.
– Selection of sequence by simple tap or swipe gesture.2) Samples panel:
Allows selection of samples between 16 samples for each of the 2 Tracks.
Possible actions in this panel are:
– Load Sequences panel by swipe up gesture.
– Selection of sample by simple tap or swipe gesture.
– Mutation by double tap.–Auto Shake Mode :
When Auto Shake Mode is activated:
– automatic mutation on sounds occurs every 4 steps.
– automatic mutation on sounds and visuals occurs every 16 steps.–Lock Mode :
When Lock mode is on, swipe gesture are bypassed.