K Machine v 2.7 now available on the App Store !

A new release of the K Machine is available on App Store:


Check out the product page for more infos:

K Machine

New features:

• Audiobus-SDK-3.0.3 integration.
• Audiobus: K Machine can now be used as a filter. The filter only passthrough the input sound, but is useful to add the K Machine as a filter in AUM.
• Audiobus trigger: start/stop and rewind.
• Audiobus State Saving for specific project.
• 4 New sound effects available for each track: gate, delay, limiter, clipper.
• Auto fade in/out to avoid previous sound glitch on tempo change when selected loop change.
• New buffer type: raw sound data, accessible in glsl through ‘soundBuffer’ texture uniform parameter.
• User settings: configurable vertices number up to 1 million points: 3 possible values: 65536, 262144 and 1048576 (These are the maximum particles/vertices number, used when not ‘KVerticesNumber’ set in the glsl code).
• User settings configurable frequencies buffer width for better precision on frequencies datas.
• User settings configurable size for raw sound data buffer: 3 possible sizes.
• User settings : new transition open GL rendering mode available, “Points” for smoother transition when using large number of vertices.
• New ‘loopProgress’ glsl uniform parameter, with value 0. (loop start) to 1.(loop end).
• Audiobus Remote integration: K Machine can now be control from the Audiobus remote app, with start/stop playing sequential, start/stop playing record, mute control for each track.
• 25 new vertex shaders files, grouped in the ‘SHADERS_Default_V2_7’ directory.
• 2 new Example shaders files: one for ‘loopProgress’ parameter, and one for ‘soundBuffer’ parameter.
• Smooth project loading and saving.
• Hard reset feature.
• Audio and visual engines optimizations.
• Many bug fixed (Audiobus port visibility, open in in IOS 11…).

Product page:
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contact:              kolargon.art[at]gmail.com

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